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Charlie Sheen’s #Tigerblood Internship, Round 3, Starbucks, and why I am trying to get it.

March 27, 2011

This post is created because I have gotten into round three of Charlie Sheen’s #Tigerblood internship.


First let me explain why I would post about an internship. My answer to this is three-fold.

Firstly: I didn’t expect to be this involved in a possible summer internship for a mayor Hollywood star.

Secondly: I choose to enter the race for the internship on a whim.

Thirdly, and most importantly, my answer to round three represents how I think about Social Media.


So let me please explain what this Internship is all about, how it was set up and how I got involved. Have you heard of Charlie Sheen? Well you must have lived under a rock or on the other side of the moon the last couple of months to have not heard of him. Charlie Sheen, the Hollywood actor and star of Two and a Half Man has been fired. Why? Well, in short the TV producers of the Hit-Comedy didn’t like the fact that Charlie Sheen spoke the truth (or at least that is what we are to belief). After he has gotten fired a lot of people believe he has gotten crazy. Getting himself taped on tv interviews, explaining that he lived like a drug addicted rock star, and he loved it. He didn’t even apologized for it. Crazy right? Well I have a different opinion. I believe Charlie Sheen has finally embraced his true self and has become really smart in exploiting his reputation. The ‘surprise’ visit on the Jimmy Kimmel show was just another example of this.

The internship:

So when announced their collaboration for a Social Media summer Internship for Charlie Sheen, I jumped on the bandwagon. I just entered my version of why I had #Tigerblood in me @my twitter feed: @nclangereis: “I applied 2 2 be the #TigerBloodIntern bcuz that I know that this man needs a #Winning audience or he dies trying”. So Apparently I was not the only one. According to more than 74.000 people applied for the internship.

Round 2:

So when they roughly filtered the group of applicants, I was through to the next round. I do not know how they selected everyone for the next round, but their where still thousands of applicants. I had to share my background, education, my experience etc,etc. I filled these out, just to see how far it would go. As my more loyal followers already know, I have my own company in Social Media strategy consultancy, and I am a part-time lecturer at a college here in the Netherlands, so I filled those things out and waited.

Round 3:

I am in the middle of my Ski Holliday in Switzerland when I get this email:

Personal invitation Charlie Sheen's #Tigerblood Internship, round 3

I was through for the next round. Now I was getting really interested, and I started a search to find out how many people have been gotten trough for the next round. It turned out to be 250! So what was the assignment for round three? I had to make a short YouTube video (no more than 2 minutes) where I introduced my self, the question I would be answering and my answer to this question.  The 3 question where:

  1. If you were the Social Media Director for a major humanitarian aid organization, how would you create awareness and raise money via social media in the aftermath of a global disaster?
  2. In your opinion, what is the best company using social media today and why?
  3. How would you advise a candidate running for public office to leverage social media in his or her campaign for election?


I chose question number 2. “In your opinion, what is the best company using social media today and why”? I believe in the saying:  “Write what you know”. And I knew the answer to this question: Starbucks! So I started on a short script, and started to learn the lines by heart. I already saw other entries on YouTube who just read their answers to the camera. I did not have the right equipment as I do have at my home and office, but  I borrowed and tried to manage. I did not even bring a suit with me on my holiday, so again I had to improvise. Also, as you can imagine, a Dutch guy, staying in Switzerland, applying for an internship in LA, I had to make some sort of connection with my video background and make a reference to it as you will see.

First I will show the video and then I will explain why I chose Starbucks and give you the reason behind my numbers and reasoning.

So now you know I chose Starbucks. All the numbers I used in my answer were based on realtime searches on all those accounts. Almost a 150.000 check-ins each week by using Foursquare are indeed impressive and are based on a post on Mobile Marketing Watch. Their use of Foursquare is famous. They know how to use location-based market, and they use it to the fullest. It is very probable that Foursquare will be outmaneuvered by their competition at Facebook Places, but It has proven its worth with Starbucks. People who say the total percentage of check-ins is still relatively low compared to the total amount of consumers are right, but also wrongly focussing on the negative. The Investment (i in ROI) in using Location Based Marketing is very low, and the conversion is very high. Instant gratification and instant conversion for every click is worth a lot these days (the r in ROI).

Also I explain that Starbucks is using Social Media as an integral part of their Communication and Business strategy which is true. Starbucks is using Social Media as extended element to reach out to their customers. The offline Starbucks experience is emphasized by the fact that consumers can connect and engage with their brand off and online. But the most important reason Starbucks has been so very successful with their Social Media strategy is because of RELEVANCE.

If Starbucks would not have been able to create relevance, their customers would simply not follow their brand, their store or their favorite coffee online. They would think it would not apply to them. This is where Starbuck is different from many other companies who are really good at Social Media. Starbucks does not think in campaigns, or channels, they think of the whole social media spectrum. They try everything and they listen to their consumers. Of course I could have pointed out that I really like KLM’s Surprise (Little Acts of Kindness) campaign or Old Spice’s ” The Man your man could smell like” Campaign, but these campaigns are no more than just a small part of the main business, and focus on a peak of relevance for a short period.

Starbucks sees the bigger picture. As I point out in the end of my movie clip: Starbucks ensures there customers loyalty by being there where their customers want them to be. They create relevance for their consumers so they come back again and again.

please let me know what you think of my entry!


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