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I want my company to do ‘Something’ with Social Media, but what? And How? In 9 questions & 9 answers.

April 11, 2011

I want my company to do ‘Something’ with Social Media, but what? And How?

These are questions that are very common these days. I hear them all around me. When it comes to Social Media The worst thing you can do as a marketing or PR-Specialist is taking a leap of faith. If you literally just do ‘Something’, you will just drive in the dark until you hit a tree.
You will hit a tree

So what can you do?

Well before you start to run around and start telling everybody you will finally do ‘Something’ with Social Media, I would like to refer you to my earlier post . Stop and listen! Rule number 1. Stop and listen. Listen where you company is already discussed. Listen where they already talk about your products.

Figure out what you want to do and how you should do this. I know this is Strategy 101 textbook material, but when it comes to innovative techniques, especially a technique a lot of people don’t fully understand, the simplest of strategy rules are thrown out of the window.

So what can you do? How can you discover what you want to do with your Social Media strategy or campaign? And how can you achieve the goals you set for this strategy or campaign? I will give you a list of questions that will help you find out what you want, and how you want it. It’s no rocket science, just simple deduction and analysis of your existing marketing and communication strategies.


  1. What is the target group you want to reach with your site and/or campaign?
    when the answer to this question is difficult, try to consider what could the order in which you decide which target group is most important, and which afterwards, etc, etc.
  2. What kind of content do you want to place on the new site/Social Media page?
    Think hard what would be the relevance of your content. How is you content unique, how do you keep it unique, and especially, above all else, is the relevance for your current customers or prospects?
  3. What are the most important Unique Selling Points of your company?
    What is distinctive for your company? And/or what is you speciality? 
 And if this is difficult to stipulate, consider what you do know (or think you know) on how customers would describe you if they must describe your company in one sentence or subparagraph.
  4. Which channels do use you now to approach your customers/consumers?
    Which online and offline channels do already use? And if so,what does work and where can you find room for improvement?
  5. Which goals do you want to achieve with your Social Media campaign and/or strategy?
    This question sounds easier than it is. Determining what you want to do, will help you in creating goals. And determining what will be your goals will help you decide the break-even-point for your ROI. Possible answers for this question are: higher revenue, more clients, a higher spending per client, more brand exposure, brand renown, better customer service, higher customer engagement, etc, etc.  Or a combination of all the above.
  6. What is a new customer worth to you?
    This one of toughest questions, but also the most important one, because this will help you decide the worth of your Return in the ROI of you Social Media campaign and/or strategy. If you cannot decide on what a customer is worth, you could try to decide what would be the I in you ROI. Which percentage of your marketing and/or communication budget would you be willing to spend. And remember: “If you are not willing to Invest, you cannot expect any Return”.
  7. Who you are direct competitors? In which areas are they better than you, why are they better than you?
    You don’t have to an extensive research, but try to answer this: what does the press, your employees or your customers say about you, if they talk about who your competitors are, and why?
  8. How does your current marketing and communication strategy look like?
    Are they already in-sync? And when you look at these strategies how could they used in your online strategy?
  9. What would be your ideal customer? or prospect?
    the answer on this question lies in line with your target group provision, only now you should focus on all demographic aspects of your ideal customer. From age to spending amount. This typical persona can help your with your approach of possible customers.

If you have answered all these questions you could create a document with your Communication and Marketing team from which every online media company should be able to work. With your team you could decide which Social Media are best suited to your needs. But be aware a lot of media companies are not interested in long-term engagement, so make sure you are in control of your Social Media strategy. Your Strategy should span more than one year with multiple evaluation points.

Please visit your local Social Media Strategy consultant or you contact me with any question you may have, I am happy to help.


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