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It’s time to take Social Media and Online Communication seriously.

May 10, 2011

Comscore, a company known for their extensive research on online marketing and the influence of ‘new’ technology. Their database is truly impressive and they have researched  the Social Media industry from the beginning. I download a copy of all their research as long I can find a small connection between their research and Social Media, and this more often than not.

So now, Comscore provided us with a digital outlook for 2012, this may the 4th, which you can find here: What’s Next? A Look into the Future of Digital. In this outlook they take a closer look on our Digital world. They describe the effect of Social Networks, Ad Spending, News consuming and even the growth of ‘non-clickers’ when it comes to online advertisement.

In this blog post I would like to offer part of my view on this research, and I will try to put some of their findings in perspective with other sources and research I studied. Let’s start with an amazing statistic: by the end of 2012 their will be more Smartphones shipped than the joint sales of Desktop and Laptop computers. An amazing feat if you think of the numbers. Almost 500 million Smartphones will be shipped by the end of 2012.

Comscore does not include tablet sales in this graph, but they do give us a Sales number for the end of 2012. Their will be 82 million tablets sold by then. Amazing figures if you think about the relatively ‘newness’ of this product line. Of course this could make you wonder to what category tablets belong, the Smartphones or PC’s? But i’m drifting off topic.

Let’s dive into some Social Media numbers. You are probably waiting for this, provided that you came to my blog for an analysis of this industry.

Social Network users in the Netherlands are spending 12% more time on these networks than an average user. And the average users spends 17 % of their time online on Social Networks. Comscore doesn’t give us the amount of hours, but they did already provide us with these numbers in an earlier report (which you can find here). By the fourth quarter of 2010, the average internet user (worldwide) spent 23.1 hours per month.

These numbers may be remarkable, but something what may be even more surprising is that most marketers do not seem to see these numbers. If we look at another graph from Comscore which is kindly provided by Morgan Stanley:

TV seems to get 39% of the total Ad spending, while they only get 31% of time spend by the consumers. Of course it could be argued that consumers tend to spend their free time on TV during prime time hours, something I cannot dispute. But we can also argue that these numbers provided by Morgan Stanley are from 2009 and research by Deloitte, puts ad spending on 1% of the total Ad spending worldwide. The Source of this percentage can be found here

It is remarkable, but until marketing executives and managers suddenly awake to this new reality, I can only hope that 1% of this open gap of 50 billion will find a way into my company or my industry partners.

One of my favourite findings by Comscore is the fact that they recognise and acknowledge that Location Based Marketing applications like Foursquare are growing.  Of course this comes as no-surprise. According to Facebook, they are willing to use a big part of their new-found Goldman & Sachs investment, to invest in their Mobile Platform in 2011. And one of the most important features of this platform is Facebook Places (Story can be found here:)

You can see a steady rise in Check-In’s at Foursquaree in this Comscore Graph.

In conclusion, I would like to point out a nice How-To guide, to set up a Foursquare Special. So you, your boss, or your company can start investing where there is still much to be won. Location Based Marketing is the future. The article can be found here, with the Courtesy of Mashable

if you have any suggestions, remarks, questions or opinions you would like to share, please feel free to use the comment screen at the bottom of this page. Or feel free to twitter me @nclangereis. If you have any questions regarding Social Media Strategy please go to my company website here: Vimm Consultancy .


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