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Trading places. Becoming the new Head of Social for Media Contacts at Havas Media

September 20, 2011

Starting a new company.

This will probably come as a little bit of shock for some people: I’m starting a new company… Really? Yes Really… I have gotten a great opportunity that just came on my career path, and which I had to take. So what am I going to do and what is going to change? I have become the new Head of Social for the Dutch branch of the multinational company Havas Media


The Havas group and it’s media division is one of the biggest players in the world when it comes to media. They are situated in over a 1oo countries. And it even has a well traded Stock Exchange notation in Paris. But all this doesn’t explain why I would give up my own company to start a new one. All I can say really is that they offered me a position at their online media division (label) called Media Contacts. And they offered me a chance to work with a couple of the world biggest brands. As I will start at Media Contacts I will work for companies like: Danone, Air France, KIA, Peugot, Citroën, The National Postocde Lotery.

And while I’m starting as Head of Social I have to work towards setting up a whole new company or label specialised in Social Media in about 3 months, and by this putting me right back in the place where I am now: in charge of a company ;-).

And still, keeping all this change in mind, my Blog and my views on this industry will not change. I am glad to say that the clients I worked with the last couple of months are happy to move with me. And I hope that, being surrounded by a full service media agency, I can help and support them even better.

So why address this subject so extensively? Well if you have stayed with me this far, bear with me for the lesson in this post. I believe we should practice what we preach, and since I’m always saying that you should be open, and honest about everything concerning your brand. And here at the extension of brand, company and philosophy, I should be honest and open to my readers.

So I let you, my reader, judge me. Judge my decisions and choices, like any other company which is being open to scrutiny, and critique but hopefully also your compliments. In all honesty I really love what I am going to do, I get a chance to work with great companies, and I have an opportunity to set up a new company. If ever there was a challenge, this is it. I have to think, create and work hard to create a company that will have to find the right to exist economical and philosophical in a world that is still deep in crisis and where technology and Social Media is changing the industry standards every day. Finding a formula where Social Media advise is paid for, and still fully integrated in the online communication and marketing strategy, without losing my personal voice.

I’m looking forward to it. And the first step on the agenda. The Social Good Summit in New York. I will be spending my next four days as an official blogger for the Social Good Summit. I will explain what I am doing here and why I really wanted to come in my next blog post. So for now Bye Bye Vimm Consultancy, hello Media Contacts

Please feel free to get a subscription on my blog and see where things are going.


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