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Hi There! Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Here I will tell a little something about myself.

So to start it all of: Hi, I am Niels, I am a guy, 29 years old and I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I am married to Annabel, the greatest woman in the world, who was indeed crazy enough to marry me ;-). I have worked in digital marketing and communications for the past four  and a half years. I set up my own business Vimm Consultancy, while still in college and now I decided to join the big leagues, and joined forces with Media Contacts of the Havas Group, to create a new company called Socialyse, which will be created similarly to its British brother.

My specialty is Social Media and Social Media Strategy. The last couple of  years I have worked for some great clients whilst developing a keen eye for social media as a vital part of the Communications and Marketing Strategy.

I developed my self in lecturing and teaching during the last two and a half years at the School of the Arts Utrecht, where I teach the subjects: Organizational Forms & Strategy and Project Management on a part-time basis. I required experience in PR 2.0 as a Social Media Strategy consultant and by doing that, I also got the opportunity to busy myself with all the latest developments in Online and Social Media Marketing. I have required most of my Online Marketing knowledge by spending a lot of my time online reading and writing on other blogs, but mostly by discussing a lot of this news with my counterparts and colleagues.

And so, after a lot of talking, calling and writing, I thought, how about I put my thoughts on Social Media on paper, on my own blog. Or in this particular case some digital paper on your screen, with a little help of the Internet. So there you go: I will keep on writing about stuff I think I know and you can keep bugging me for proof, discussions, and a totally different point of view. I love it!

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